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About our Company

Pure Brasil is the name for the inbound tour operator Venturas, a Brazilian travel company that was established in 1992 and has customized itineraries in Brasil to take people to remote regions as well as to better known destinations where there are still plenty of things to explore. With a head office in São Paulo, local branches in Chapada Diamantina and Jalapão, Pure Brasil is very well placed to help tour operators to develop Brasil programs with knowledge and passion and to offer the travellers the best that Brasil has to offer.

We started in Chapada Diamantina in 1992 and have been doing increasingly exceptional tours ever since as our on-the-ground local knowledge has grown. Our first 4WD and rafting expedition in Jalapão  took place back in 2001 and in 2003 we developed our first tours in Lençóis Maranhenses and Itacaré.  Over the following years we have consolidated on our knowledge, working with locals, and are able to offer unique and highly flexible experiences in these spectacular locations.

Over the years many other destinations have become a part of our story, each as breathtaking as the next: Fernando de Noronha, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Jericoacoara, Bonito, trekking the Gold Trail (Atlantic Rain Forest) and kayaking in the Parati Bay.

In Amazonia and the Pantanal, both well-known holiday destinations, we constantly look for the best available farmhouses, lodges and boat trips ensuring our travellers always have first class options at their fingertips.

In 2002, with a decade of experience already behind us, it was finally time to share our knowledge and passion for these places with the foreign market. We are always looking for potential overseas partners who would be interested in creating tours that cater for any market, any customer. For this reason we have developed a team who not only maintain an exceptional level of customer service, but who are always able to find the best solution to your particular travel needs. We treat every one of your travel experiences as unique.

Our Team

Victor Ferreira
Tour Operator 

Victor was born and raised in Catanduva, a cool, calm and hot countryside town in the state of São Paulo.
Graduated in Tourism at UNESP-Rosana in 2010, he lived in Portugal, Ireland, Australia and in a cruise ship cabin for 8 months, before settling himself in São Paulo and joining Pure Brasil team in 2016.
As part of Operational Department , he believes in the benefits and positive transformations that proper tourism development can generate for Brazilian destinations, being truly motivated helping to provide it.
Personally he appreciates freedom and everything that can potentiate it. Jazz, running and bike touring are the main ones by these times.

Murilo Tebet
Tour Operator

Murilo grew up in Santos, on the coast, 1-hour-drive away from São Paulo, where he was born in 1988. Having grown up on the beach, he acquired a taste for the sea and beaches in general. Graduated in Tourism at São Paulo State University in 2011, he spent some time working as an adventure sports guide in Brotas-SP, then in 2013 spent 1 year in Toronto to improve his English. During that time his passion for cycling increased and he learnt how to snowboard, which was a dream for him since he was a child. At Pure since 2014 just after coming back from Canada.

Hendrich Scarlett
Sales Consultant

Scarlett was born in 1973 in São Paulo. A the age of 3 she moved to Ribeirão Preto, where she grew up. In 1991 went to Law school and 1993 began to work with Tourism. Later on, she decided to move to São Paulo in order to adventure herself into a bigger and more competitive tourism market. For 22 year she was dedicated only for an outbound market when she decided to accept the challenge to work in an inbound market. She has a extensive experience in different areas of the Touristic Trade. Visited 14 countries in 4 continents. Her passions are sitcoms, movies and music, aside from travelling to enjoy and to be in contact with nature and wildlife.

Cristina Leone
Sales Consultant

Cristina grew up in São Paulo. She has visited more than 30 countries in 3 continents. Born in 1980, she has learned English, French Italian and Spanish. She has a special interest in Brazilian multiculturalism and multiethnic society. Her favorite destinations in Brazil are Salvador, due to its extremely rich historical background and Paraty, a city that hosts many Literature and Music Festivals. Her degree is in Linguistics, at São Paulo University and she is studding International Relations. She has worked for 6 years in an Italian Cruise Ship Company as Guest Relations, before working at Pure Brasil. She joined the company in 2014. Apart from traveling, her favorite passions are Yoga, Biking, Capoeira, Cinema and Books.

Manuel Silos
General Manager

Manuel grew up in São Paulo, the Brazilian financial and cultural hub, where he early started to explore the country backyards. Until his 20’s he was very familiar to Brazil’s diverse environments and cultures. Born in 1981, he has learned English, French and Spanish and has a special passion for the Amazon and the southeastern coast, with its beaches and islands. But his favorite trip is the expedition from Jericoacoara to Lençóis Maranhenses. He has a degree in Tourism Management, with Ecotourism focus at PUC São Paulo University and a Master Degree in Tourism Business Management at ESERP Business School - Barcelona. With 16 years background in the industry, he has experienced different companies and sectors, before working at Pure Brasil. He joined the company in 2006. Apart from traveling, his favorite passions are football, Music, Literature and Carnival.

Douglas Simões
Founder and Director

Born in São Paulo in 1974 and living 60 km away by the mountains in Jundiaí,  Douglas has graduated in Computer Science and when he got a job at IBM  left his carreer behind and decided to be a cave guide. His passion for travel has started when he was a kid with his parents traveling around most of Brasil by car. His first trip out of the country was to the other side of the globe, Australia and New Zealand when he was 18. When he was 22, he guided his first trip to New Zealand. In 1996 he joined Venturas, an outgoing adventure company in Brazil, as a partner. And finally in 2002 he started Pure Brasil. He studied Business administration at FGV/SP to help with growing the company. His favorite trip is always the next to be done. Main hobbies are play/watch soccer, ride bicycles and travel with the family, now with 2 kids - Anita, 6 and Miguel, 5.