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No two people approach adventure travel in the same way. A climber who has already scaled Everest might find adventure in spending a day walking the streets of London. For a New Yorker, 3 or 4 days trekking and camping in the Chapada Diamantina could represent a true adventure. For this very reason we offer a variety of options designed to please every taste. Alternating between speedboats and 4 x 4 jeeps it's possible to follow the northern coast of Brazil to Jericoacoara and on to Lençóis Maranhenses stopping along the way at the Parnaíba Delta. Diving enthusiasts, or simply anyone interested in experiencing a slice of paradise, should definitely consider a trip to Fernando de Noronha. All equipment necessary for scuba-diving is supplied.

Rafting and 4 x 4 are excellent ways to explore the land around Itacaré and Maraú in the central and southern regions of the coast of Bahia. The enormous Chapada national park in the interior of Bahia state can be explored by bike or on foot, with the option to spend several days trekking and staying with local people in the Pati Valley. Stone paths carved out by slaves forge the Gold Trail which winds it's way through enchanting Atlantic forest. This particular trip could easily be combined with kayaking in the Parati Bay. In the south of Sao Paulo state there is the opportunity to explore a protected area containing over 200 caves. At the very centre of Brazil lies the remarkable desert region of Jalapão, best explored through an exhilarating combination of 4 x 4 jeep rides and rafting. The region is a prime example of cerrado (Brazilian savannah). In each of the above regions, highly trained assistance and appropriate and rigorous security procedures are always paramount.