Through curiosity and desire to constantly create experiences, our aim is to inspire people from around the globe to immerse in Brazil’s true essence, pristine nature and authentic local culture.

And so it has been since Pure Brasil creation in 2002,

  • becoming specialists in wildlife observation and providing many travelers’ encounters with jaguars in the Pantanal;
  • developing the Barefoot Trekking in an innovative format in one of the most incredible regions on the planet – the Lençóis Maranhenses;
  • creating the North Pantanal Cruise route, the only one connecting areas of great importance only reachable by water;
  • designing itineraries in areas of special interest, in remoteness and unknown even to Brazilians.


Over the years, we have been looking for partners aligned with the purpose of promoting genuine travel, involving communities and visitors in a model of tourism of great economic and social impact and, at the same time, that strengthens the preservation of the cultures and natural environments visited.

Local community

Support and contribute to the well-being of the communities that are directly and indirectly impacted by the activities we operate. A few examples are the Morrinho Project in the Pereira da Silva community, in Rio de Janeiro and the Maramar Community School in the Marau Peninsula. We act closely to both projects volunteering, taking guests and contextualizing their visit in the community and providing financial support.


Contribute to the protection and conservation of the natural environment by not using single-use plastics, rising guests’ awareness towards environmental values, not supporting activities that handle, stress or cause any harm to wildlife, partnering with suppliers with sustainable practices.


Provide a memorable experience to travelers in Brasil with excellence in service, crafting unique itineraries to individual special interests, exalting the authenticity of the Brazilian culture, involving and respecting nature and the local communities.

Business Partners

Provide fair practices and cultivate long-term relationships as we understand our guides and suppliers are an extension of our company.


Keep our team motivated and involved, in a pleasant working environment, with transparency and investing in professional skills and knowledge.


Generate sustainable returns on investments with transparency.