A destination for ecotourism lovers

“Beautiful” is the meaning of “Bonito” and no other word could describe it better.

It is a thrill ride for ecotourism lovers with possibilities of caving, diving, rappelling (into a cave), tubing, crystal-clear rivers and lake caves snorkeling.

However, Bonito is not only about action – over the adventurous, it is possible to choose the contemplative tours, short an easy walking trails in the woods with waterfalls and natural pools, boating down the rivers (instead of floating), watching macaws flocking in a huge sandstone crater, among others – and it makes a great destination also for families.

The natural limestone of the area filters the water, so it is pristinely clear as well as full of an abundance of flora, fauna, and wildlife, which bask in the high-calcium water.

Take in the most of a nature-based experience by combining Bonito with South Pantanal, as the gateway is the same for both destinations (Campo Grande airport).