Green Coast Road to rio

Nature at Saco do Mamanguá

History at Paraty

By Gabriel Toledo

Highlight in Rio

By Alvaro Almeida

Ubatuba Waterfall

By Alex Saberi

São Paulo • Mamanguá • Paraty • Rio de Janeiro

A land journey between two big cities – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – with unique experiences and breathtaking views.

Starting point of this trip, São Paulo is a cosmopolitan, melting pot city where there is something for everyone: world-renowned and chef-awarded restaurants, casual graffiti street art, contemporary art galleries or historical museums, old and new architecture existing together, food and street markets, upmarket boutiques selling the world’s top brands, hipster neighborhoods, 24/7 entertainment, healthy bodies exercising in parks spread along the city, football stadiums experiences for the soccer fans, and more…

And what lies in between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro? We will reveal the secrets and gems of one of the most scenic drives in Brazil – on one side, the dense Atlantic rainforest covering the Mountain Range, and on the other, the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Lush green rainforest descends from the top of the mountains until it reaches the beach sand. Secluded beaches with crystal-clear water. Remote lodge nestled in a “tropical fjord” reachable only by boat. Preserved colonial city carried with history.

Ubatuba is popular as a beach destination, but not many are aware of the treasures the Atlantic Rainforest hide. Banana Bamboo Ecolodge (and it is really eco and sustainable!) is nestled among tropical rainforests with a mission of spreading knowledge through experiences that awaken the senses for interior and collective conscious changes.

Brazil’s only tropical fjord, Saco do Mamanguá is a hidden gem in the Paraty region, and it is still unknown to many Brazilians. Just soak up the nature around or get active paddling a kayak to desert beaches, hiking up the Mamanguá Sugarloaf for impressive views, entering the mangrove in canoes and joining the caiçaras (as the local people are called) for lunch. One of the best ways to go from Mamanguá to Paraty – the next destination – is on a private touring boat combining a pleasant transfer with a boat tour stopping on islands and isolated beaches for a swim.

Paraty is a step back in history. It was the point of departure of the Portuguese fleet that would take the gold extracted from Minas Gerais. The city was able to preserve its historical buildings granting it the World Heritage Site title by UNESCO. And, because of the cultural and natural importance of Paraty and its neighbor Ilha Grande, the area has been listed as a Mixed Heritage Site, the one and only in Brazil. Housing big events such as the Literary Festival, the Yoga Conference and the Jazz Festival, Paraty is now a vibrant city, with great restaurant options, and renowned cooking classes, but never letting go of its charm, culture, and history.

And this road leads to Rio… the image of that laid-back atmosphere, people at the beach soaking up the sun or getting active surfing or playing beach soccer, the iconic favelas, Christ the Redeemer overlooking the bay, and the unforgettable sunset view from the top of the Sugarloaf. Although these all seem reasons enough to visit Rio, find out that there is much more than that.

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