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Pantanal • North Pantanal Cruise • Rio de Janeiro

This is just Pure Wildlife, in one of the best places to spot wildlife in Brazil – if not the best!

Because of its biome and the water regime, the Pantanal is a diverse and fascinating destination with innumerous plant and animal species. It is the largest floodplain of the planet, and UNESCO declares the place as World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve, the true wildlife sanctuary of South America.

Araras Lodge will not disappoint, being one of the first lodges in North Pantanal offering specialized guided tours. From this self-sustainable lodge, you will have the opportunity to perform excellent birdwatching, walk on trails in primary forest and on suspended walkways over wet areas, practice canoeing, explore fields and forests on horseback, take day and night photo safaris in appropriate vehicles, watch the stunning Pantanal sunset from the observation towers, and everything with the permanent assistance of naturalist guides. Just a small taste of what is possible to find in the area: the hyacinth macaws (world’s largest parrot), capybara (world’s largest rodent), jaguars (world’s 3rd largest feline and the largest concentration of individuals is in the Pantanal), maned wolf (the largest canid in South America), Jabiru (the tallest flying bird in South and Central America) and so much more.

Be now prepared for an exclusive and unique experience in North Pantanal! In only few places on Earth one can see big cats in the wild and, guess what, the jaguars love the North Pantanal region. The best way to see them is aboard our small cruise, designed by Pure Brasil, on set departures with maximum 10 travelers or on private trips. The cruise connects two of the best jaguar spotting areas that is only accessible by boat.

Even for the most avid wildlifer, Rio de Janeiro is always a great option to end your trip. Find out how nature and a big city coexist, while you sip a coconut water or a caipirinha at the beach. And, if you are still eager to spot more wildlife, do not take Rio for granted.

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