The largest tropical wetland in the world

Have you ever thought what you can find in the largest tropical wetland in the world?

Because of its biomes and the water regime, the Pantanal is a diverse and fascinating destination with innumerous plant and animal species.

North Pantanal

Some specialized lodges in the North Pantanal like Araras Lodge and Aymara Lodge offer a complete experience including accommodation, typical gastronomy and at least two activities a day to explore the unique landscapes and search for some of the world’s largest (among other species), such as the hyacinth macaws (world’s largest parrot), capybara (world’s largest rodent), jaguars (world’s 3rd largest feline and the largest concentration of individuals is in the Pantanal), maned wolf (the largest canid in South America), Jabiru (the tallest flying bird in South and Central America).

In only few places on Earth one can see big cats in the wild and, guess what, the jaguars love the North Pantanal region. The best way to see them is aboard our small cruise, designed by Pure Brasil, on set departures with maximum 14 travelers or on private trips. The cruise connects two of the best jaguar spotting areas that are only accessible by boat.

Serra do Amolar

Another exclusive product is the remote and off-the-beaten track: Serra do Amolar, located at the far west area of Pantanal close to the border with Bolivia. Still unknown to many Brazilians, a world unfolds before you here: boat rides, biking, hiking, kayaking, interaction with local communities, rock inscriptions, culture & history, wetlands with mountains (a quite unusual landscape in the Pantanal), crystal-clear rivers and, of course, safaris to see the rich local fauna and flora. The local gastronomy will ensure you have enough energy to explore it all.

South Pantanal

Moving towards the southern region of the Pantanal, be amazed by the colors and the bird species that inhabit this area (food is not a problem for them as the river and wetlands guarantee a great variety of fish).

Activities here are defined by each lodge and one of the most renowned is Caiman Ecological Refuge aligning the Pantanal experiences with comfort – inspired at an African safari lodge. Out to the safaris to look for reptiles and mammals like caimans, capybaras, monkeys, jaguars, armadillos, coatis and anteaters. Or board a typical boat to see the birds (who wouldn’t like to see a hyacinth macaw or a jabiru?); feel like a pantaneiro going horseback riding through the Savannah and joining the cowboys at work; get active hiking the trails and climbing the watchtowers to watch the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises. No experience in the Pantanal is complete until you taste the traditional breakfast quebra-torto and a barbecue in a hilltop.