Salvador • Rio de Janeiro • Maraú Peninsula

We can never take for granted the intelligence and richness in traditions, history and culture of local communities, especially those living under few resources, where creativity and hard work are, sometimes, the only choice to survive.

As more people are travelling to remote destinations, some local villages have been positively impacted and benefited from tourism. A well thought and planned activity giving visitors the chance to meet local people and experience authentic cultural exchange is the base for a respectful and responsible travel we deeply care for.

In this program, you will visit initiatives and support projects that make a difference to the communities they are inserted in. In Salvador, get to know the Headquarters of Espaço Cultural dos Alagados, that offers theater, dance, music and tutoring for children and young people of the community and the Luiza Mahin Community School, founded by the women (mothers) of the community itself who missed a local school for their children. Give it a shot preparing one of the most famous and traditional dishes in Bahia, the Moqueca, taught by the best – the locals.

Still in Bahia, the Maraú Peninsula is not only a beach paradise, but also home to Maramar Social Project, which includes the community Kindergarten Escolinha Jardim das Bromélias, the Cultural Center Espaço Harmonia do Saleiro and the Maramar Community School. Meet the locals at the Saleiro community, try a handmade ice cream or chocolate (why not both?!) and spend some time with the students at the school. Find out that through difficulty and isolation a beautiful project flourished.

Experiences in Rio de Janeiro go beyond the famous beaches, Christ the Redeemer and samba. Join Morrinho Project, based just outside the Pereira da Silva favela (slum) and discover a world of arts in bricks where the life in the favela is exhibited multi-dimensionally and their reality is communicated through film, plastic arts, theater and music. Take part in a kite workshop, make your own brick, taste the most famous traditional Brazilian dish – the feijoada – dance and have fun along with the locals.

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