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Brazil is all about the people, cultures and traditions and it is all reflected in the food.

Historically colonized by different nations, Brazil’s cuisine varies greatly from North to South, East to West, being influenced by European, African and Asian cultures and, of course, by the knowledge of the indigenous people that inhabited the lands way before the first Portuguese arrival.

Why not discover Brazil through its flavors as you learn the story behind the dishes and not missing the chance to visit the main attractions in each place?

Bahia is probably the place that has been most influenced by the African culture, as this was where most of the slaves coming from Africa landed in Brazil. They brought with them not only the famous capoeira, but also what we know today as the feijoada and the acarajé dishes. Try your cooking skills on a workshop where you will learn how to prepare a moqueca, probably the dish that best represents Bahia – a traditionally fish (or seafood) stew under the influence of all Portuguese, African and indigenous cultures on a seasoning explosion.

There is a saying that God is Brazilian, and Christ the Redeemer lives up to that. We can also assume that, living in Rio de Janeiro, He most likely eats feijoada – the national dish – and where it is most consumed. Join a Brazilian chef in the preparation of a full traditional menu, from the most typical drink and world-famous caipirinha, to the main feijoada (or the moqueca if you got crazy about it) and finally the hearty dessert present in every house – the brigadeiro. No visit to Rio is complete until you go up the Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer and sip a coconut water at the beach.

Jump into the car for a 4-hour drive along the coast until the historical city of Paraty. The cobblestone streets with colonial architecture city (heritage from the Portuguese and the dark past of the slave trade) houses big events such as the Jazz Festival and the Literature Festival. This is where Chef Yara Castro Roberts chose to live and teach regional and historical cuisines from Minas Gerais, Bahia, Amazonas and the Cerrado on a refined Brazilian dinner. Paraty is a Mixed Heritage Site, due to its great historical and natural importance. So, you can expect to enjoy beautiful natural scenery abord a private boat trip allowing stops for a swim in crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush green rainforest.

Another place of great natural importance in Brazil is the Iguazu Falls, being one of the great Natural Wonders of the World. The largest sequence of waterfalls in the world limits the boundaries between Brazil and Argentina and a visit to both sides is highly recommended. End your gastronomy experience in Brazil in here, with a Kitchen Show where Chef Fabio Del Antonio will explain how some “pièce de resistance” of Brazilian Cuisine are prepared, the most typical ingredients and how they came to this day.

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