Barefoot trekking

Lençóis (meaning bedsheet) Maranhenses (referring to the State of Maranhão) is a hidden paradise in the Northeast of Brazil. This is a unique landscape that combines white sand dunes with blue and emerald freshwater lagoons. The 155,000 ha (380,000-acre) of rolling sand dunes that resemble bedsheets, stretch from inland to the ocean adding 70km of coastline to its cinematographic views.

Try to make it between April and September when the lagoons are at their best and the weather is more pleasant. A lifetime experience is venturing in a barefoot trekking crossing the National Park (where no vehicles are allowed) staying in natives’ houses in tiny villages, having meals prepared by them, sleeping in hammocks, getting lost in the starry sky and, of course, rushing down the dunes until you hit the crystal-clear lagoons.

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