São Paulo – a cosmopolitan city

It is a controversial city – some love it, some find it too busy. But the State that carries the same name of its capital pleases from the hustle and bustle fans to the nature lovers.

At first sight São Paulo is just another concrete jungle, with its skyscrapers, traffic jam, paulistanos rushing to work in the most important financial center in Brazil.

São Paulo is a cosmopolitan, melting pot city and home to the largest Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Arab communities. They all play an important role in the culture, tradition and gastronomy the city lives for and about.

There is something for everyone: word-renowned and chef-awarded restaurants, casual graffiti street art, contemporary art galleries or historical museums, old and new architecture existing together, food and street markets, upmarket boutiques selling the world’s top brands, hipster neighborhoods, 24/7 entertainment, healthy bodies exercising in parks spread along the city, football stadiums experiences for the soccer fans, and more…

Not far from the capital is Embu das Artes – known as the city of arts. During the weekends, painters, sculptors and artisans exhibit their work in the galleries, antique shops or in the street fair. It is also a great place to enjoy the local food.

Further ahead (a little over than an hour from São Paulo, depending on the traffic conditions, of course), the Tozan Farm offers a complete coffee experience, from the preserved architecture from 1798, furniture, and antiques to all the stages of production. A must-do tour for coffee lovers that is full of history, coffee culture and flavours.

Not so widely known is the wine culture in Brazil, but yes, there are some great wineries in the country producing quality wines. Who would guess that on a day tour from São Paulo it would be possible to have a wine tasting experience and more, a picnic in the Guaspari Winery gardens?!

So, why not São Paulo as there is something for everyone?