Mountain Homes - Queluz

Garden House - Maraú Peninsula

Engenho Lodge - Ibitipoca

We have selected charming houses that are immersed in nature and can conveniently accommodate solo travelers or groups of friends and families who are looking for privacy, comfort and remoteness. These are stylish villas that display Brazil’s culture and spirit.

The houses are all serviced, mainly by highly regarded hotels and most of them are at a short distance from the main airports in Brazil.

Guests are invited to simply embrace nature and relax or join multiple experiences provided in each destination.

Choose from:

the remote and charming houses built by locals in Comuna do Ibitipoca, in Minas Gerais;

the historical houses in the World-Heritage-Site city of Paraty;

the house embedded in a tropical fjord in the hidden Saco do Mamanguá, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro;

the tropical, isolated beachfront houses in Maraú Peninsula, Bahia;

the mountain homes with rural atmosphere and local produces in the countryside city of Queluz, São Paulo;

And much more…

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