The iconic Iguazu Falls

This site is probably one of the main reasons why someone wants to visit Brazil.

The iconic Iguazu Falls is one of the great Natural Wonders of the World and have been enacted as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

The largest sequence of waterfalls in the world limits the boundaries between Brazil and Argentina and a visit to both sides is highly recommended.

No doubts the falls themselves are the highlight of Foz do Iguaçu, but discovering other experiences will certainly enrich the trip.

Bird Park

The Bird Park, for example, is an internationally recognized rescue and conservation center for bird species from all over the world and it is also home to butterflies, marmosets, alligators, pythons and hummingbirds. Super recommended is the backstage experience, where guests have access to restricted areas, privileged contact with some birds, and the opportunity to meet baby birds during breeding season, all followed by a refreshing snack at the end.

Exciting Activeties

Other great tour options are hiking in the forest in the Sendero Macuco trail leading to a hidden waterfall and a natural pool; or a jeep ride through the rainforest until the Iguazu River followed by a boat ride up to the Devil’s Throat; a helicopter flight will guarantee impressive views from above the complex.

If you happen to visit the Park during full moon, make sure to join this experience if the weather allows, as there are chances to view the moonbow (a night rainbow), not to mention the falls illuminated by the natural moonlight. Belmond guests have the benefit of having a private and exclusive moonlight tour after the park closes.

Food Tales is not only a restaurant but a gastronomic experience where you will learn about Brazilian cuisine, the most typical ingredients, the history of the dishes by the chef himself and, of course, taste them all in a 6-course menu paired with beverages.