Our team is truly passionate and committed to work and to responsible travels. You can expect great level of customer service, with tailormade, unique and exclusive experiences looking at each traveler needs.

Douglas Simões

Pure Brasil to Douglas in one word: Discovery

Douglas has graduated in Computer Science and when he got a job at IBM he left his career behind and decided to be a cave guide. His first trip out of the country was to the other side of the globe, Australia and New Zealand when he was 18. When he was 22, he guided his first trip to New Zealand. In 1996 he joined Venturas, an outbound adventure company in Brazil, as a partner. Finally, in 2002, he started Pure Brasil. He studied Business administration at FGV/SP to help with growing the company. His favorite trip is always the next to be done. Favorite destinations in Brasil: Lençóis Maranhenses and the Amazon.

Along with Gian, Douglas founded Pure Brasil in 2002.

Giancarlo Valias

Pure Brasil to Gian in one word: Experience

Gian has a degree in Business Administration and in Tourism. He has been acting in Tourism since 1998 as a Managing and Operational Director, also in Corporate Events Management and in Outdoor Team Building activities. After attending trade shows in Australia and in New Zealand for 3 years, he became passionate about Oceania. Gian’s favorite destinations in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Chapada Diamantina and the Amazon.

Along with Douglas, Gian founded Pure Brasil in 2002.

Manuel Silos

Pure Brasil to Manu in one word: Journey

Manuel has a degree in Tourism Management, with Ecotourism focus at PUC São Paulo University and a master’s degree in Tourism Business Management at ESERP Business School – Barcelona. He has learned English, French and Spanish. With 16 years background in the industry, he has experienced different companies and sectors, before working at Pure Brasil. He has a special passion for the Amazon and the southeastern coast, with its beaches and islands. But his favorite trip is the expedition from Jericoacoara to Lençóis Maranhenses.

He joined the company in 2006.

Natalia Tamburro

Pure Brasil to Natalia in one word: Admiration

Natalia has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies focused on Ecotourism and Planning. She worked for one year at a specialized operator in Cultural Exchange and then for four years as a Senior Travel Consultant at an outbound tour operator. She lived in London for two and a half years, in Barcelona for 5 months and in Berlin for another two and a half years and has been to Italy, France, Netherlands, Wales, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland and Portugal. Her favorite destinations in Brazil are the Southern Coast of Bahia, Lençóis Maranhenses and the Mantiqueira Mountains.

She worked at Pure for 6 years, ventured to live overseas and was welcomed back to Pure Brasil in 2018.

Cristina Leone

Pure Brasil to Cris in one word: Sustainable

Cristina has a degree in Linguistics, at São Paulo University and studied International Relations. She has worked for 6 years in an Italian Cruise Ship Company as Guest Relations, before working at Pure Brasil. She has visited more than 30 countries in 3 continents and speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish. Her favorite destinations in Brazil are Salvador, due to its extremely rich historical background and Paraty, a city that hosts many Literature and Music Festivals.

She has been working at Pure Brasil since 2014.

Murilo Tebet

Pure Brasil to Murilo in one word: Learnings

Graduated in Tourism at São Paulo State University in 2011, he spent some time working as an adventure sports guide in Brotas (SP), then in 2013 spent 1 year in Toronto. During that time, his passion for cycling increased and he learnt how to snowboard, a dream for him as a child. His favorite destinations in Brasil are the Amazon, Chapada Diamantina and Paraty.

He has been working at Pure Brasil since 2014.

Hendrich Scarlett

Pure Brasil to Scarlett in one word: Reliable

Scarlett went to Law school in 1991 and, in 1993, began to work with Tourism. For 22 year she was dedicated only for an outbound market when she decided to accept the challenge to work in an inbound market. She has an extensive experience in different areas of the Touristic Trade and visited 14 countries in 4 continents. Her favorite destinations in Brasil are Lençóis Maranhenses and Pantanal.

She has been working at Pure Brasil since 2015.

Letícia Hirata

Pure Brasil to Letícia in one word: Learnings

Letícia graduated in Tourism Management in 2018, and her first experience in the tourism professional market was in 2017 with Pure Brasil. She has been working with sales, operations and products in the FIT department. She was born and raised in São Paulo and is still discovering the world. She loves uniquely every destination in Brasil she has visited, because each place has its own special memory for her.

Paula Bueno

Pure Brasil to Paula in one word: Respect

Paula has a degree in Tourism, a post-graduation degree in Eco and Rural Tourism and an MBA in Environmental Management. She has been working with tourism since 2005 with experience in sales, operations and products at an outbound tour operator for 9 years. She lived in Australia for 2 years and has been many times to Australia and New Zealand also to India, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Jordan, USA and countries in South America. Her favorite destinations in Brasil are Chapada Diamantina, Jalapão and Lençóis Maranhenses, or basically anywhere in nature.

She has been working at Pure Brasil since 2019.

Ana Duék

Pure Brasil to Ana in one word: Passion

Ana holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in International Travel and Tourism Management at Middlesex University, London. She has 15 years of experience with marketing and corporate communications for several travel companies and tourism organizations. She lived in London for one year and she is passionate about the cultural diversity of India, Peru, Mexico and Israel. Her favorite destinations in Brazil are Fernando de Noronha and Bahia.

She has been working at Pure since 2020.