Fernando de Noronha – a Natural World Heritage

The most coveted destination in Brazil lies 350 km (271 miles) off the mainland northeast coast. The 21-island archipelago is a heaven on Earth.

Noronha’s natural beauty is recognized worldwide (UNESCO declared the archipelago a Natural World Heritage site) with its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs and landscapes and rich marine life (being home to the highest concentration of dolphins in the world), which makes a great destination not only for scuba divers (the best in Brazil and one of the best in the world), as just a snorkel exit will blow one’s mind.

As a beach destination, the main inhabited island provides some great beach-related experiences such as hiking along deserted beaches, scuba diving reaching up to 50m visibility underwater, snorkeling with sea turtles, sailing in cruises along with dolphins, watching the sunset from the beach or from the top of a cliff and, between December and May, it becomes one of the best surfing spots in Brazil.

Let us lay the cards on the table: paradise comes with a price. Usually more expensive than the mainland, have in mind the rates of a 3-star hotel on the island will be the equivalent of a 4 or even 5-star in other locations in Brazil. The good thing is that there is a range of accommodations – from old fisherman houses that turned into pousadas to fancy luxury hotels.

Entrance to the island is controlled and there is a limit of outsiders in Noronha. Also, you pay more the conservation fee the longer you stay.

But once in heaven, just soak it up