By Cristian Dimitrius


By Edson Endrigo


By João Marcos Rosa

Aymara • Baiazinha • Cristalino

This trip links two of the most important biomes in Brazil, the Pantanal and the Amazon. The first is the largest tropical (and continuous) wetland in the world and the second is the largest tropical rainforest regulating the world’s climate through humidity.

Pantanal is a transition area, containing elements of Cerrado, the Amazon and Atlantic forests. Visit two different areas in Northern Pantanal, staying in specialized lodges that offer a complete experience including accommodation, typical gastronomy and at least two activities per day to explore the unique landscapes and search for some of the world’s largest (among other species), such as the hyacinth macaws (world’s largest parrot), capybara (world’s largest rodent), jaguars (world’s 3rd largest feline and the largest concentration of individuals is in the Pantanal), Jabiru (the tallest flying bird in South and Central America).

Futher North is the Southern portion of the Amazon biome. A flight from Cuiabá to Alta Floresta will take you on a journey to a different Amazon experience from the Manaus gateway. Surrounded by the Cristalino River, there are plenty of opportunities for canoeing, swimming, nature walks, and wildlife viewing — from the rare giant otters to Brazil’s endemic red-nosed bearded saki monkeys. And because it is located in a more elevated part of the Amazon, the river does not flood the forest, allowing walks at any time of the year.

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