467th Anniversary of São Paulo

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Today we celebrate the 467th anniversary of São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil in terms of area and population. São Paulo is also a cultural melting pot of the country, connecting people and traditions from diverse states and developing its own roots.

The celebration this year, which will be more digital than ever, will feature various cultural events and also tributes to those in the front of the pandemic. The intervention ‘Protagonists in Mask’ will display on the street images of health professionals stylized as comic book heroes, and the ‘Quebrada Viva’ project takes to the peripheries of the city a series of laser projections by independent artists with messages that foster love, hope and care and that can be seen from home, reinforcing social distancing.

At 9.30 pm GMT, the video ‘Mapping São Paulo, Cidade-Ciência’ (Mapping São Paulo, Cience-City) will be projected on the facade of the Butantan Institute, the biological research center responsible for the development of CoronaVac in the Brazil.