Trends for travel in Brazil

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✔ “Flexcations”: with more people working from home and new school arrangements, family travels are now evolving to flexible and longer journeys that mix work and play. The offer of home rentals and private villas are on the rise in many Brazilian destinations. It’s a great opportunity for travelers to enjoy the different cultures and landscapes of such a huge country.

✔ Wildlife Conservation: our relationship with nature has proven to be vital, and we are more motivated than ever to protect it. The lack of visitors can be positive for the environment, but it can also be harmful for places that depend on conservation care. Responsible tourism activities that promote the conservation of species are essential for the preservation of places like the Pantanal, the Cerrado and the Amazon. They also engage travelers in unique and transformative experiences.

✔ Multi-generational escapes: as families are rediscovering the pleasures of enjoying time together, they’re seeking togetherness and experiences in faraway places. Hotels and destinations are also adapting to welcome groups of different ages and interests.