Help to preserve the Pantanal

Here at Pure Brasil we have a very special connection with the Pantanal. For years we have taken travelers from all over the world to visit the region, believing in its uniqueness and trusting on responsible tourism as a catalyst for positive impacts for everyone involved.

While we were quarantined, the world continued to face other major problems, such as the climate crisis and social issues. Here in Brazil, as in other countries, fires devastated important areas of many biomes, threatening the wildlife. At the Pantanal, volunteers, brigadiers, local residents and leaders came together to help protect the nature.

More than ever, the absence of tourists was felt. They help to fill up spaces, promoting surveillance, and also to generate income so that local actors continue to preserve the places we love.

We have created this video to remind you all that the Pantanal is still alive and that one of the most effective ways to contribute to its preservation is to visit it.

Visit and help to preserve the Pantanal!